Friday, April 13, 2007

Good bye Farhat till we meet again

This one is for my colleague and a good friend Farhat who was not allowed in back to the U.S. while he was visiting Canada. 10 yrs of lawful residence in U.S. and one day just like that day he was a suspect; coz he fit the profile – Single Male in 30s, Pakistani citizen with Ahmed as his last name. He lost everything; his job, his place, his friends…This was in Oct 2004. Now after all legal battles he has given up and made Canada his new home.

I wrote this on his last day at Cingular Wireless which had continued to employ him remotely and fought for him for a whole year.

Farhat’s and my grandparents come from the same district in Pakistan who were probably friends before 1947. … History repeated…only place changed.

1947, Indian Subcontinent-

Nations, Countries, Boundaries, Partition
People separated; Friendships remain
Friends: will meet in a land that is free
Our grandchildren it will have to be.

2000, the Land of Free-

American dream, freedom, happiness
Cingular, work, coffee breaks, more friends
Architecture, lunches, meetings, Tacomac
Life is simple; how could it be?

2005, the World of Fear-

Countries, Wars, Paranoia, Patriot Act
People separated; Friendships remain
Friends: will meet in Canada someday
Hopefully before our grandchildren, You and Me.